This article will teach you how to create an effective profile for your company.  If you have not registered for Cutag yet, you’ll need to create a user account before you can complete the following steps. To learn more about how to create a user account.

If your company already has a Cutag profile, but needs to create additional profiles for different locations or divisions, please contact our Support Team

Your account profile is an important tool because it gives you the opportunity to tell students about your company, and why they’d want to work there!

Once you have logged in, start by using this form to look for your company to confirm whether or not you already have a profile.

If your company doesn’t appear in the search results, click the Create New Company button, located on the right side of the screen.

If you are not seeing the Create New Company button, please contact Support to have them open a domain space for you to create a new company with your domain. 

You will be taken to a page where you can add a company logo and a company branding image:

To add your company’s logo:

  1. Click Add a logo.
  2. Click Upload New Image.
  3. Select the logo image you’d like to use from your computer files. Please keep in mind that a 1:1 (width to height) ratio is best for your logo with a minimum size of 150x150 and maximum size of 400x400.
  4. Click Select image.
  5. Click Save.

You will need to add basic information about your company:

  1. Complete your company’s information
    • Required: Company name, Industry, Website, Location, Description, and Company Size.
    • Additional options include:
      Company Logo, Banner Image, and Public Email address.

      Note: You can go back and edit your company information at any time.
  2. Please note: if you are unable to locate your company's specific address, try using just the city and state, and we recommend to submit feedback to google.